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Order Status Related Questions:

My order status is Awaiting
This is a normal order status that will occur immediately after you make the payment. Simply go to your orders system and attempt to collect your key.
My order status is Awaiting Payment
This usually would mean that your payment did not arrive. However, if you paid via Bank Transfer, our staff will manually set your order to shipped once your payment arrives in our bank account.
Paid via Paypal but your order is stuck on Awaiting Payment?
In rare cases, our web-system sometimes does not immediately track paypal payments that are made from customers with mis-matched email addresses. If you have made your payment via paypal but your order is still Awaiting Payment, Please make a support ticket on our Support Center, quoting your ZED Order ID and your unique Paypal Transaction ID. A member of our staff will then search for your order and manually approve the order for you within around 2 hours.
My order status is Awaiting Pickup
This order status flags to our staff that the game you ordered needs to be manually packed / emailed. You will get an 'awaiting pickup' status if your key is due to be manually emailed from our staff. If you pay with Store Credit your order will automatically go to 'Awaiting Pickup' and our team will email you the code within around 2 hours in most cases.
My order status is Completed
This means that your key has been manually emailed to you.
My order status is Cancelled
This order status signifies that your order has been cancelled by ZED CD Keys upon your request, or if the payment did not process properly.
My order status is Incomplete
This order status signifies that there was an error processing your payment. This order status usually will occur if you abort the payment process half-way through. If your order status is 'Incomplete' then no money has been taken from you.
My order status is Declined
This order status signifies that your order was automatically detected to be fraudulent, and you have been refunded in full. If you get this order status but believe this to be in error, please contact us via our support ticket system for assistance.
My order status is Refunded
This order status signifies that your order status was refunded to you in full via Store Credit / Paypal / Moneybookers / Bank Transfer.
I purchased a game but did not receive any game code via email.
This is normal. We do not email the keys. You can instantly collect your activation code via your orders page.
I paid via Paypal but my order status is stuck on 'Awaiting Payment'.
This can be caused if you paid with mismatching paypal email. If you have completed a paypal payment but your order status is still Awaiting Payment, your order may not have tracked properly. Please contact us with your order ID and tell us that you don't think the paypal order tracked properly, and one of our staff will manually approve your order for you.

Company Related Questions:

How does your company function?
Our company functions by importing the games from main distributors within the EU, where games have cheaper retail prices than in countries such as the UK. Because of the savings made in postage costs (as our items are sent digitally), it allows us to provide extremely low pricing. Not only this, but the games work worlwide as digital downloads, unlike physical games which have region locked discs.

Other Questions:
When will I receive a reply to my email?
We usually respond to emails within 5 - 10 minutes, however if you email us while the office is closed it can take up to a few hours for our staff to reply. For fastest response, please email just once. Our email operates a queuing system which means that if you email more than once, you will be sent to the back of the queue resulting in further delays. If you email just once then you will receive a prompt reply with an answer to your query. We do reply to all emails, so please be patient.

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